[2018-06-19] Pro League Schedule: Season 8

Season 8 of the Pro League starts next week!

06/19/2018 12:00 PM

We are excited to announce that the new Pro League season will start next week! This decision comes after the initial delay of the league due to unforeseen technical issues in the game, which we felt affected the integrity of the matches at a competitive and professional level of play.

As a result of the delay, we now face a situation where multiple play days must be played during a week. This will provide fans even more matches to enjoy per week!

Here is the revised schedule:

North America:

Play day #1: Monday, June 25th
Play day #2: Monday, July 2nd
Play day #3: Tuesday, July 3rd
Play day #4: Monday, July 9th
Play day #5: Monday, July 16th
Play day #6: Monday, July 23rd
Play day #7: Tuesday, July 24th


Latin America:

Play day #1: Tuesday, June 26th
Play day #2: Wednesday, June 27th
Play day #3: Wednesday, July 4th
Play day #4: Tuesday, July 17th
Play day #5: Wednesday, July 18th
Play day #6: Wednesday, July 25th
Play day #7: Monday, July 30th


Play day #1: Thursday, June 28th
Play day #2: Friday, June 29th
Play day #3: Thursday, July 5th
Play day #4: Thursday, July 19th
Play day #5: Friday, July 20th
Play day #6: Thursday, July 26th
Play day #7: Friday, July 27th

This revised schedule will still allow all teams to play the first seven of their play days as planned: ahead of the Paris Major in August. It also allows for a light Pro League schedule during the week of DreamHack Valencia (week of July 8th).

In addition to changes to the Pro League schedule, we have also made some alterations to the Paris Major qualifiers.

The Paris Majors qualifiers will now play out in 2 stages.

Stage 1 (June 22nd – July 2nd): Anyone can sign-up to the first stage of the Qualifiers. The participants will battle it out against each other in a ladder, through a matchmaking system that automatically selects your opponents. Each match in the ladder will be a best-of-two game.

Stage 2 (July 2nd – July 6th):  This stage will feature the top 16 teams, made up of teams from the Pro League, Challenger League, and top teams from Stage 1. They will play in a double elimination, best-of-3 format.  

The winning teams will earn their spot to compete at the Paris Major in August!

If you are interested and haven’t already signed up for the qualifiers, you can still do so:


 We can’t wait get this amazing season of Pro League started! To stay up to date with all of the latest news and updates be sure to follow us on Twitter. #R6PL

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