[2018-08-18] Update Revenue Share Pilot Program - THUMBNAIL

Update: Rainbow Six Revenue Share Pilot Program

08/18/2018 09:00 AM

This year at the Six Major in Paris, France we gave fans an update on the Revenue Share Pilot Program which we announced earlier this year! This blog will go over the topics covered during that panel.

Mechanics of the Program

There are two items being released as a part of this program. The first is one that we are already familiar with - the golden pro league charms that have been in the game for a while. For these charms, 30% of the revenue is shared as follows: 21% is split evenly between all of the eleven teams in the Pilot Program and 9% will go straight to the prize pool for the Six Invitational. 

The second items are the team-branded weapon skins! These skins will be released with the new season this September. 30% of the revenue made from these skins will go directly to the team the skin represents. For example, if you buy the Rogue weapon skin, Rogue will get 30% of the total cost of the item.

Reasoning & Philosophy

One of our main goals in launching a program like this is to bring stability and maturity to the competitive Rainbow Six scene, through working closely with big organizations that have a well centered position in the esports landscape. We believe this program will not only help to offer better conditions for the players, but also offer overall stability to the competitive R6 ecosystem.

Another goal is to simply give fans a way to support their favorite teams and organizations in game. Sporting a weapon skin of your favorite team is a great way to directly show support in-game and out.

[2018-08-18] Update Revenue Share Pilot Program - THUMBNAIL

How will the program evolve in the future?

As stated in the name, this is a pilot program. We are currently working with a small selection of 11 teams and will be closely monitoring the success of the program to determine how it will fare in the future. 

To stay up to date with all of the latest news and updates during the #SixMajorParis, be sure to follow us on Twitter. For up-to-date information on the bracket and schedule, visit our website.

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