R6 Academy - Highlighting community guides

09/11/2018 12:00 PM

We would like to introduce the R6 Academy, a website designed to help new players learn the game, and content creators share their outstanding educational videos.

The learning curve for a competitive game can be daunting, and we understand it can feel overwhelming for new players. With a collection of unique Operators, wide variety of maps and high lethality, there is a lot to learn in a short amount of time.

This gave us the opportunity to create R6 Academy. We designed it to highlight our community content, specifically guides, aimed towards new and advanced players alike. Here, you will find everything you need to get up to speed with game mechanics, maps, and Operator knowledge.

While skill is important, knowledge and tactics will give you the upper hand. Whether its map knowledge and the best ways to approach a situation, or the best Operator to choose for countering your enemies and assisting your team, understanding both can lead to victory.

Ranging from beginners guides to advanced strats, you will find a great selection of guides created by our community to teach you what is necessary to get that win. We strongly encourage our content creators to share their hard work, but anyone can submit a video and the original creator will be credited.

If you find a video helpful, remember to give it an up-vote for other players to check out. Any videos voted will appear highlighted under our “most popular” videos. Additionally, these videos will also appear on R6 Watch.

A useful guide for beginners from community member Get_Flanked

We are looking forward to see the guides created by our community, and helping our entire community learn more about the game. You can now go check out our community guides at R6 Academy.

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