[2018-09-14] Goodbye Para Bellum Header

Goodbye Para Bellum

09/14/2018 12:00 PM

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite Para Bellum memories with us last Friday. The love you have shown for Operation Para Bellum was outstanding, and you have made it something truly special.

We may have said goodbye to Para Bellum, but it will be remembered through all the stories, fanart, videos, cosplays, and plays you all have created and shared – so we’ve picked a few of our favorites to share.


My favourite moment would be playing Para Bellum with my daughter and friends, she's only 10 and managed to be top of the team most games and won us rounds. #prouddad moments. – @Gary87_

As simple as this may sound, because of this game I made a lot of really good friends. And for that I'd like to thank you guys. – @Rain_skullboy

I just have to say amazing season. I was so excited when i heard the new ops were gonna be italian and that one had holographic clones and camera that shoots lasers […] my skill for this game has really increased during operation para bellum. Goodbye Operation Para Bellum - @lightingmike09

I got my first Ace during Parabellum. In fact it's been my most successful season when it come to the impact I've had during matches. This season has been where the game has really started to pick up for me on enjoyment :) - @Keefyboi

Nothing too special. it's all about improving, having fun and making friends. Siege brought great people into my life, again. so thank you. - @HAXposed

Meeting some online friends that I play ranked with now! Also the times I clutch a round in those matches. - u/Jynn05



[2018-09-14] GoodbyePB Fanart

From Left to Right

Thank you for giving Recruit a friend. - @SAU-SIEGE

Evil eye the best this season. - @Pericote9

Did wallpaper of Maestro. Also Alibi and one portrait detailed of Maestro. Para Bellum is probably my fav season so far… - @keyholestyle

Thank you for the new troll queen in town! - @Dulcamarra



[2018-09-14] GoodbyePB Cosplay

From Left to Right

Para Bellum gave us Maestro, and learning how to play him was an absolute blast! I also tried to support NA with some of my cosplay pictures! - @killimaze

One of the reasons why I loved Para Bellum is that it gave us two wonderful characters, Maestro and Alibi. @Detaleader and I had tons of fun representing them at Six Major Paris and Gamescom. Thank you, Team Rainbow. - @Aspira_cosplay (with @Detaleader)

Thank you for creating Maestro, it allowed me to look like this 30 minutes after his reveal…Para Bellum was good, now time for Grim Sky to shake it up. - @MiloshTheMedic

Cosplaying as Jäger during Operation Parabellum. - @giannitoarlie


Definitely j00nas with the triple Cav kill and interrogation in the Paris Major against EG. Unreal play and the crowd went wild. – u/inspektor71

It was at this moment I knew Para Bellum was going to be a fun season! - @Get_Flanked

Pulling off the Alibi trick where you stand on one of your projectors. - u/Soapigeon


Para Bellum may be over, but it is time for a new start in Grim Sky - we hope to make just as many, if not more, amazing memories with you all this season. GLHF!

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