Behind the Siege

02/05/2019 12:00 PM

Rainbow Six Siege means something different for everyone. Developers, community members, or professional players - we all share a passion for the game and want the same thing: a game everyone can enjoy.

Vivian Rocray

Concept Artist

Having worked on Rainbow Six since June 2008, Vivian’s artistic vision for Rainbow Six has helped shape the game. His work provides context to the creation of new game elements and helps turn things from concept to reality. As an avid outdoorsman, he also takes time to separate himself from the modern age and find beauty in nature.


Community Artist

A concept artist by trade, Sun’s passion for Rainbow Six Siege has inspired her to produce stunning works of art centered around our Operators in her spare time. Currently studying art in Montreal, we had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss what her art, and the art of Rainbow Six, means to her.

Brandon “BC” Carr

Esports Coach

BC has been a prominent figure in the competitive community since the beginning. Now the coach for DarkZero Esports, his continued presence in the professional scene has had a longstanding impact. As a professional player, he has elevated strategy and tactic to his own own form of artistry in his approach to the game.

Louis-Philippe Dion

Audio Director

The Audio Director for Rainbow Six Siege since Rainbow Six Siege’s inception, LP exists in a world of sound that transcends the everyday. The mastermind behind one of the fundamental mechanics of Rainbow Six, he is the driving force behind each footstep, each warning fizzle, and every audio cue you hear.


Content Creator

Anne has been a figure and an active voice within the Rainbow Six community for years. Her exceptional ability to multi-manage multiple communication and audio channels at the same time : team voice chat, in-game audio cues, and interacting with her Twitch chat, makes her an expert on what it means to communicate.

Parker “Interro” Mackay

Esports Caster

As one of the most recognizable voices within the Rainbow Six esports scene, Parker is not shy when it comes to giving his voice to things that he feels strongly about. Be that the play-by-play breakdown during a Pro League match, voice communications within a game while playing, or his infamous “Bang On” sessions.

Emmanuel Bajolle

Narrative Director

Emmanuel is every bit the passionate visionary necessary to breathe life into the Operators of the Rainbow Six universe. As he continues to define and refine the personality of our Operators, he is dedicated to animating the lore and world of Rainbow Six, and awaken the Rainbow Six Universe to it’s fullest potential.


Community Artist

A celebrity community artist, Sau-Siege has garnered love and built up his fanbase by bringing the Rainbow Six Operators to life within his own unique universe. His creative reimagining of the Rainbow Six Operators - be it Montagne, Caveira, or the lovable Recruit, has redefined our Operators in a way few else could.

Alex “Zironic” Dalgaard-Hansen

Esports Analyst

A former pro player turned analyst and full time content creator, Zironic is the living embodiment of Blackbeard, with just a touch of ginger. When it comes to breaking down the Operators within Rainbow Six, his unique and insightful perspective allows him to speak to players from all skill levels in a way that is meaningful and informative.

Meet the members of “Behind the Siege”

During the Six Invitational, we will have dedicated time slots for you to meet some of these amazing individuals featured in the Behind the Siege series. More details for the Meet-and-Greets will be available in the Six Invitational mobile app!

More information on the mobile application will be available as we draw closer to the start of the Six Invitational.

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