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The New “Six” - Harishva “Harry” Pandey

02/17/2019 12:00 PM

Over the years, Aurelia “Six” Arnot, commander of Team Rainbow, gathered a small group of the most skilled Operators from around the world to protect civilians worldwide from dangerous groups like the White Masks. With a proven track record of success, Six accepted a position within the US State Department, fighting to ensure Team Rainbow could continue the important work they have been doing.

Finding her replacement was difficult, but she had been mentoring the perfect fit all along - her long-time advisor Harishva “Harry” Pandey.

Harry has been with Team Rainbow from the beginning. When Aurelia reactivated the unit to deal with emerging threats, he acted as her psychological and military culture advisor. His primary function was to aid in the screening and selection of candidates, ensuring they meshed well with the team as a whole. Following her recommendation, and based on his familiarity with the members of Team Rainbow, Harry accepted the role of “Six”.

Harry is continuing his work of selecting the most prominent and diverse group of Operators the world has ever seen. This mission is driven by his three main objectives; To be the best, train with the best, joint training exercises, and comradery.

To be the best, train with the best

Harry aims to widen Team Rainbow’s roster to include Operators who can help train and prepare Rainbow against asymmetrical or emerging technologies threats (drones, autonomous weapons, wearable devices, nanotechnology, CBRN hazards). His work is evident in the recruitment of specialists like Clash and Finka.

Joint Training Exercises

Team Rainbow has concentrated the leading expects in their fields from around the world. They are uniquely positioned to train and educate other Special Forces units in how to approach emergent threats.


Having some of the strongest personalities from 15 different countries, unit cohesion requires careful management, and ensuring that the unit maintains a constant state of readiness can be draining. Harry means to bring the members of Team Rainbow closer together to facilitate how they interact, learn, and respect the tactics and methodology of their peers.

See Harry in action with “The Hammer and the Scalpel”.

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