[2019-03-15] Pilot Program Phase 2


03/18/2019 06:00 PM

In 2018, we announced Rainbow Six Siege’s first revenue-sharing initiative with esports organizations: the Pilot Program. Our goal was to create a sustainable, professional esports program by collaborating with veteran organizations in order to lead the ecosystem closer to maturity. This collaboration helped Rainbow Six Siege grow as an esport, and improved the quality of support that players received from their organizations.

For 2019, we will increase the scope of the partnerships between Ubisoft and our partnered esports organizations, and continue to iterate on the model that was proven by the first Pilot Program.

The second version of the program is slated to start in June 2019 and run until May 2020, encompassing Season XI and XII of the Pro League.

Our goals for Phase 2 of the Pilot Program:
• Expand to support more Pro League teams. Up to 16 teams will be included in Phase 2.
• Incentivize performance from players and organizations. Players and organizations both stand to benefit from participating in the team’s performance, both in and out of the server.
• Welcome committed and proven esports organizations into the Pilot Program through a qualitative selection process. Teams inside and outside of the Rainbow Six Siege ecosystem can submit an application for candidacy.

The selection criteria for Phase 2 have been updated. We are requiring all organizations (even existing Pilot Program partners) who are interested in participating in Phase 2 of the Pilot Program to submit applications in order to be considered for candidacy. Through this application process, we hope to identify the teams, both new and old, who can bring strength and stability to our esport.


Pro League items: For every Pro League set sold, 30% of the net revenue will be split equally amongst the teams involved in the Pilot Program.

Pro Team items: For every team-branded item sold, 30% of the net revenue will be shared with the team whose branded item is purchased. Of the team’s share, 30% of that revenue will be earmarked for players.

Road to SI event: 30% of the net revenues from the Road to SI event will go towards the Six Invitational Prize pool. When a Pilot Program team wins prize money at the Six Invitational, the portion of that money funded by Road to SI event revenues will be split evenly: 50% to the organization and 50% to the players.


What follows is an outline of the application materials organizations must submit to be considered for the Pilot Program. Please read them carefully and adhere to the submission guidelines.

The focus of this section of application is to get to know you better. Why is your organization interested in Rainbow Six Siege? Tell us what put Rainbow Six Siege on your radar and how it will be distinguished from your organization’s other esports activities.
• Please provide us a list of other rosters that your organization supports.
• Tell us about your strategy in regards to positioning your Rainbow Six Siege roster.
• Describe how you plan to activate your existing fanbase around your Rainbow Six Siege activities.

Your Organization
Who are you, and what are your roots? We want to know your organization’s story and legacy to help us better understand how you can shine the spotlight on your Rainbow Six Siege roster.
Some key points to include (if applicable):
• What country or countries do you operate in?
• Is your organization a business? If so, please provide proof.
• How many full-time staff does your organization employ?
• Who are your organization’s sponsors and commercial partners?
• Who are the organization’s owners and investors? Please provide full names of individuals and/or corporate entities who hold more than 5% equity.
• What is your mission statement?
• Who are some players that have represented your organization in the past?
• Who is your Rainbow Six Siege roster?

Communication Metrics
It is important for us to know that you will be supporting Rainbow Six Siege with all the communication muscle at your disposal. Where does your organization operate, and how do you connect with your fans? We want to review your social media metrics, platforms, and existing content to assess your potential.
• Please provide a report of your social media status and analytics for the past three months on all platforms you plan to use for promotion of Rainbow Six Siege esports.
• Please provide a report of your content analytics for the past three months on all platforms you plan to use for promotion of Rainbow Six Siege esports.

Team Support
Supporting the esports program itself is important, but supporting your players is even more vital.
How are you going to create a stable environment for a world championship-winning Rainbow Six Siege team? We want to understand how your organization will commit to the personal and professional development of your team’s players both in and out of the server.
• What is the duration of your player contract for Rainbow Six Siege?
• What is the base salary you offer to each of your Rainbow Six Siege players?
• What other methods of compensation exist for each of your Rainbow Six Siege players?
• What percentage (if any) of prize winnings does your organization take from your Rainbow Six Siege players?
• Does your Rainbow Six Siege roster have a dedicated player manager?
    o If not, what percentage of workload does Rainbow Six Siege represent for your organization’s player management staff?
• What support staff will your organization provide to assist your Rainbow Six Siege roster?

We want to assure ourselves that your organization will indeed support the Pilot Program, and specifically your team’s effort within it. Each organization has its own voice, and if we were to tell you how you use it, it would compromise the identity you have worked hard to build. We want you to use the techniques you find most effective or fitting for each scenario below, and show us how you would:
• Provide coverage and promotion for your team in the Pro League on a typical match day.
• Provide promotion of your local and regional Rainbow Six Siege activations.
• Provide coverage and promotion for your team at any of our offline esports competitions (Six Invitational, Six Major, and Pro League Finals).
• Promote your players, your roster, and any changes it may undergo.
• Market and sell your organization’s Pilot Program BDU, Headgear, Weapon skin, and Charm. For this, we want to see examples of the marketing you would use during different phases of the Pilot Program, including:
    o The lead-up and announcement of items.
    o Regular promotion of items.
    o Promotion of items around significant events.

Brand Style guide
What is your organization’s visual identity? We want to see your branding, your guidelines, and your inspiration.
• You will need to provide a minimum of two (2) and maximum of six (6) examples of patterns, designs, symbols, or mottos that represent your organization in vector format (.ai) along with their intended usage and color swatches.
• You will need to submit your logo pack in vector format (.ai), with all associated guidelines and color swatches.
• You will need to submit your official font or fonts.

Submission Criteria
Submissions will only be accepted and reviewed in one format. A submission must consist of the following five elements contained within a single .zip archive:
• .pdf presentation covering all topics outlined above
• .pdf containing your brand guidelines
• .ai file containing your logo and any color variations of your logo
• .ai file containing your organization’s selection of six stylistic elements that you would integrate into your in-game items if accepted into the Pilot Program
• A folder containing your font or fonts

The deadline for applications is April 15th, 2019 at 5:00PM Eastern Time. Applications are to be submitted to pilotprogram@ubisoft.com by email.
• Any submissions that do not fit these guidelines will not be considered for Pilot Program candidacy.
• We reserve the absolute right in our absolute discretion to accept or reject any submission, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding unsuccessful applications.
• All information submitted in Pilot Program applications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
• Any information submitted that is shown to be false or misleading, whether upon submission or at a later date if the organization is inducted into the Pilot Program, may result in immediate disqualification from the application process or the Program.
• We reserve the right to investigate the ownership status of any organization applying for the Pilot Program to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.

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