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Top Issues and Community Concerns

07/22/2019 12:00 PM

Top Issues and Community Concerns

Updated: 22 July 2019

We will be updating the following list regularly to outline the status of certain issues that are currently pressing for our community. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and should only be used as a reference to give a general idea of where our focus currently is.

Sound Bugs

Description: Muffled, missing sounds + various sound issues.
Status: We have identified a bug that allows sound to travel more easily than intended through solid objects/walls. We are also continuing to go through videos that are sent to us to identify standalone sound/audio issues.


Description: Players are losing control on their Operator and then being disconnected and presented with an error message.
Status: We have dedicated a team specifically to these connectivity topics, and have identified a couple of issues that are sometimes interpreted as a “Denial of Service” attacks. These issues are a priority for us.

Rank Disparity in Ranked Matchmaking

Description: Players are able to take advantage of the Matchmaking algorithm to play against lower skilled opponents.
Status: [Target: During Y4S3] Currently in progress. We have detailed the approximate values that we want to restrict parties to, and are working on the implementation.

Toxicity Reporting

Description: We currently offer a single option for reporting toxicity.
Status: [Target: During Y4S3] We have finalized the design and process for handling additional reporting options. The UI/UX is in progress.

Smoke Gas Canister propagation

Description: Gas from Smoke’s Gas Grenades clips through walls.
Objective: Our goal is to rework the propagation so it is similar to the new Capitao fire bolt, and use this as an opportunity to revisit the visual.
Status: [Target: During Y4S3] We have encountered an issue and will be pushing this change to Season 3 to ensure that it is released in a more comfortable state.

Weapon Sight Alignment

Description: Weapon optics are a few pixels off center in some situations.
Objective: We want to implement a system to prevent most misalignment issues in the future. At the same time, we are improving the look of the guns in ADS by adding secondary motion, which is now possible due to the tech that keeps the scopes aligned with the reticule.
Status: [Target: During Y4S3] Feedback is currently being gathered in internal play sessions.

Shotgun Wall Destruction is Unreliable

Description: Shotguns are inconsistent when being used to destroy wooden beams.
Objective: We want to ensure that the destruction of wooden beams is reliable, for both player comfort and ensuring we do not force players to spend extra time attempting to destroy wooden beams.
Status: [Target: Y4S3] We have it implemented and turned off while we address remaining bugs. Once those are fixed, we will turn it on.

Operator/Gadget Kill Switch

Description: Operators that are disruptive due to exploits being removed from play.
Objective: When an Operator or Gadget is disabled, provide players with feedback on what/why.
Status: [Target: During Y4S3] We have a bit of programming work left, and some UI work as well.

Debris stuck in window/door barricades

Description: Debris sometimes remains stuck in the barricades on doors and windows, causing players to have different sight lines.
Objective: Provide consistency for all players for barricade destruction.
Status: [Target: Potentially Y5S1] We are currently in the design phase to determine how we want to approach this topic. We are exploring and prototyping different options.

Map Pool

Description: We have too many maps available in the Ranked map pool.
Status: [Target: Y4S3] We are in the process of reassessing the number of maps present in the Ranked map rotation. Additionally, we are determining which maps to include in this reduced map pool..

Operator Bans

Description: We have seen a high ban rate for Blitz, Jackal, Echo, and Caveira in Ranked.
Status: We are discussing how we want to approach topic of balancing around Pick/Ban in Ranked, and the Operators that are affected the most by it.


Description: Adjustments to the damage curve for Smoke’s Gas Canister will move Smoke further towards an area denial role.
Status: [On Hold] We are satisfied overall with how this is developing, but but need to put it on hold until other dependencies are delivered.

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