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Mag-NET System and LV Explosive Lance – R&D report

11/07/2019 12:00 PM

Mag-NET System and LV Explosive Lance – R&D report

Harry -

You asked me to look into the tech our latest recruits were bringing with them. I was served a cease and desist letter halfway through my investigation. Here’s what I was able to learn before that point.

The Mag-NET System has a self-destruct circuit that’s primed whenever it catches an object, and whenever too high a percentage of its casing is removed. We managed to get to 37% before our last one exploded. I submitted a request for more samples, but I don’t expect them to arrive.

What we did manage to determine was that it affects projectiles of all kinds, including Capitão’s asphyxiating bolts and, interestingly, the LV Explosive Lance (see below). Given that it draws the projectile – frag, breaching round, etc. – to its position prior to detonation, the Mag-NET System may pose an unpredictable challenge for some of our more reckless Operators. In short, they might blow themselves up if there’s a cleverly-placed Mag-NET nearby. Not much we can do about it except encourage them to gather intel before charging in (though we both know how well that’s worked in the past).

The LV Explosive Lance is another curious one. A biometric lock initially prevented me from using the rifle at all, but the owner agreed to activate it for us on the condition that she was allowed to supervise our tests and review our results. Keep that in mind as you read on.

The Lance’s strength lies in the contained explosion that it emits, and the acronym of its name (L-VEL, a divine spear in Hinduism, not exactly humble). It’s enough to shred nearby devices without posing a serious risk to anyone caught in the blast radius, which has been capped from the point of projection until it’s almost a plane. As I said, the Mag-NET can also draw the Lance away from its intended target, either preserving team utility or, if poorly placed, annihilating it.

This is the point and purpose of the interaction between these two devices, so far as I can tell – to destabilize the field in unexpected ways. Consequently, the Operators themselves have proven to be particularly sensitive to, and able to capitalize on, chaos amongst enemy ranks. What that means for our training sessions, I won’t speculate.

You want to know more? Get me unlimited access. Until then, my hands are tied.

-- Specialist Elena “Mira” María Álvarez, Rainbow R&D Director

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