Interview with Zoe, Community Member and Weapon Skin Designer!

07/15/2016 10:00 AM

This Community Content Creator’s Weapon Skin Design Is Going Into the game

The Rainbow Six Siege community is creative, passionate, and intensely dedicated to the game. One person in particular caught our eye when she started posting weapon skin designs that she created on her own. We thought this was really cool, so we worked with her to get her design implemented into the game. You can download it right now from the in game store for a negligible amount of renown!

We chatted with Zoe to learn more about who she is, her background, and what made her decide to create weapon skins for Rainbow Six Siege. Check out our interview with her below.


You started creating designs for Rainbow Six Siege’s weapon skins and Tweeting them – were you expecting anything to come out of it?

Not at all, the only thing I was expecting was to hopefully get noticed, for someone to appreciate the work and say “hey man, that’s cool”. One always secretly hopes that that will happen, but one shouldn’t go in with the expectation that that’s going to happen. I felt there was an opportunity available to possibly positively contribute to improve the game and make it more enjoyable for the community.

How long have you been creating fan art and content for video games?

For as long as I’ve been into games, since the original Nintendo days. Easily since I was a kid in the late 80’s early 90’s.

What was the first fan art for a video game you created?

I can’t really say, it was so long ago. Since I was a child we used to draw Mario levels and draw creatures from Mario and Sonic. Some of the first fan art that I can remember creating was drawing creatures/monsters and characters from Wolfenstein and Doom.

Your website says you’re a Music Producer. What kind of music do you produce and how did you get into that?

I create mostly electronic music such as drum & bass and electronica. It was something I had always had interest in and because of that I worked on teaching myself how do produce electronic music and the tools and so on. It’s always been a hobby and been done at an enthusiast level, and I haven’t really been producing much music lately due to other commitments, although I do want to get back into it.

Outside of your creative outlets like art, video games, and music, what do you do?

For the past few years, I’ve been focused on the creative process surrounding film production and it’s something I’ve been actively pursuing on my YouTube channels through machinima and game videos. I also love collecting things such as trading cards and figurines/models, love being active, and love watching films.

Today, your design is going in the game and people are going to be able to use your design. What does that mean to you? – Has this happened to you with other games as well?

Well, first off it’s phenomenal. To have the actual team at Ubisoft view the work and be interested in it enough as to want it in the game… it’s a surreal feeling. I never thought they would actually incorporate the designs into the game, and it overwhelms me with joy to have it included, and for it to be recognized. The challenge behind the game and how different it was from other shooters was inspiring and was a big motivator. As for whether this has happened to me with other games, not really. I don’t believe that there are very many game companies out there these days that are interested in absorbing work or talent from the community or when they do it’s only done in a very token manner. It takes talent to recognize talent. To have the community potentially enjoying the skins, thinking that they’re great, that’s a big thing, and makes one feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

What made you want to create weapon skins for Rainbow Six Siege?

Well, first of all the game inspired me, I love the operator personalities. I think the whole package was really something that was very exciting to me.

What inspirations do you pull from for your designs?

I draw a lot of inspiration from music, but I can’t think of any individual inspiration outside of the passion I have for whatever I’m working on. I’ve always been a person who tries to create the kind of thing that I myself would love to use or to see.

What’s the craziest idea you had for a R6 weapon skin?

There was an idea for doing a ripped-off zombie arm with flesh and bones that ran from barrel to butt, it was an early idea, but I felt it might be a bit too grotesque/inappropriate. Eventually I chose to go with some more colorful and abstract designs.

Go to the store and download the weapon skin that Zoe has created right now! You can also follow Zoe on Twitter here.