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Rainbow Six Siege has a thriving community of more than 40 million players and is growing every day. Check out the action as we highlight some of our community members as they stream live.

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AnneMunition has been fighting off enemies in video games since she was a kid.  These experiences helped lead to her streaming start in 2014, where she quickly found success by becoming a Twitch partner one month in.  A year later, she quit her job to pursue her broadcasting career full-time and has not looked back since.  AnneMunition brings along a dedicated community called the Armory, so gather your gear and get ready for the action!


Do you like keeping your ELO? Then it is to best stay away from TangyD! This streamer from England has been playing Rainbow Six Siege since the very beginning, and that is not the only thing either... He currently plays for Method’s professional Siege team, and was previously a member of the Penta Sports roster. Competitive play is the name of the game with TangyD, so if you are a fan of high-octane matches, you have to check him out!

Macie Jay

Whether you are a veteran or relatively new to Rainbow Six Siege, you have most likely watched a Macie Jay stream or video. As a skateboarder for the majority of his lifetime, coming up with tricks is second nature for him. His YouTube channel with over one million subscribers has numerous Siege tips and tricks that any player can learn from. If you are trying to improve as a player or see some quality content, Macie Jay is a great first stop.


Have you been a fan of watching streams over the past few years? If so, chances are you have stumbled upon Shortyyguy’s channel where night streams and playing with friends is a very common occurrence. You may find him partying up with newer players in Rainbow Six Siege, but Shortyyguy is great at teaching them the ropes. Not only that, but it makes for some hilarious moments which we highly recommend tuning into.

Lil Lexi

Playing Rainbow Six Siege with your friends is always a fun time, right? Lil Lexi is one of those individuals that thinks so. From long-time friends, fellow Partners Program members, to surprise guests, it is always a mystery on who might join her for the action! This includes a visit from her cat or puppy, which may appear on stream too. If you are pet-friendly and enjoy quality group gameplay you should watch Lil Lexi.


If you play Rainbow Six Siege, you might recognize Tatted. No stranger to first person shooters or tattoos, she has combined the two to form her own following over the past three years as a streamer. The TatPack is an awesome community filled with welcoming individuals, so do not be afraid to hop into one of Tatted’s streams and join in on the fun!


Alex is a 90’s kid from Denmark who has been heavily involved in the Siege community for multiple years now. You might recognize his plentiful beard on the analyst desk during esports competitions like the Six Invitational, or perhaps when he’s streaming! If you are trying to improve as a player, then Alex is your man. Not only is he an analyst and broadcaster, but he does coaching to try and give more people the opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of Rainbow Six Siege.


Have you ever seen a streamer mod all of their subscribers as a meme? Let us introduce you to Derek “punjistick” Mallon. This wild individual got his start with streaming following five years spent in the United States Marine Corps. From spontaneous moments to whacky emotes, it is never a dull moment when you are watching him. The Pit community is just like their fearless leader, so if you would like to join in on the excitement be sure to check out punjistick, who recently made the change from Twitch over to Mixer and Facebook.

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