Rook Badge Rook  GIGN

  • Side  DEFENDER
  • RoleAnchor, Buff
    • Armor 
    • Speed 
    • Difficulty 

Unique Abilities and Playstyle

Rook is an anchor and buff Operator, capable of providing a boost to the Defenders, giving them a valuable advantage in a firefight.
Rook is capable of protecting himself and his team mates through his unique ability: R1N ""RHINO"" Armor.


Arma principal


Arma secundaria




Tips de juego

Protection against bullets and explosions

Armor will only protect you against bullets and explosions. However it does not protect you from fire, gas, poison and sharp knives.

Destroy after usage

The armor pack has no use once everyone has picked up their plates. Remember to destroy it, as drones could hide in it otherwise.


As an Anchor Operator, Rook is supposed to stay back on site and making sure no attackers get it. Equipping an ACOG scope on your weapon should help you to find and keep some good lines of sight.

Beware of armor theft

If they reach it and there are armors left in the pack, Attackers can take one and have the same benefit than Defenders.

Have a Blast

Rook's armor will ensure that you always get downed before dying, unless its to a headshot. Even grenades or claymores will just leave you in a Down But Not Out (DBNO) state. Remember, unused plates can be picked up if you have been downed once.




Echo badge  Echo

A great anchor that can help his team by scouting with his drone, stop the defuser and disorientate the enemy with a sonic blast.

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Maestro badge  Maestro

Another anchor with some great utility, able to spot and shoot with his static Evil Eyes - they dont do a lot of damage but are hard to destroy. When placed well they can catch a Hard Breacher off guard or stop a room from being droned.

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Capitao badge  Capitao

With his Crossbow, he can bypass Jäger's ADS and almost always get his bolts where they are needed. Be careful as his Fire Bolt kills very quickly and ignores armor.

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Finka badge  Finka

Nano machines swarm the opposing team and give them a boost, reducing recoil and allowing them to hit more shots - this is effective against the heavier armored Defenders, as they often take a few extra shots to dispatch.

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Glaz badge  Glaz

Able to deal massive damage at both long and short range with his OTs-03 rifle, he rarely takes more than 1 extra shot to kill higher armored targets.

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Doc badge  Doc

Thanks to his Stim pistol, Doc can heal his teammates and even himself. When a Defender is already at 100 HP, receiving a dose will give them an extra boost of health.

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Jäger badge  Jäger

With his ADS, Jäger can deny any offensive projectile coming in the area, protecting him and his teammates. However, it has no effect in gunfights.

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  • Name: Julien Nizan
  • Date of birth: January 6 - (Age 27)
  • Place of birth: Tours, France
In school, Nizan excelled in athletics, specifically in Track and Field. The youngest son of a working class family, he enlisted with the Gendarmerie Nationale at eighteen and found himself assigned to the Highway Patrol unit. During basic training, Nizan discovered his aptitude for firearms, a skill that he would continue to develop and master during his time with the Gendarmerie Nationale. Nizan’s skill with a rifle attracted the attention of the GIGN.

Opciones de personalización


Rook Elite


  • 1x Headgear
  • 1x Uniform
  • 3x Weapon skins
  • 1x Weapon charm
  • 1x Gadget skin
  • Victory animation
  • Unique operator card

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Rook Police Escort Pack

Rook Police Escort Pack