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New Operator esports Evaluation Period

11/30/2018 12:00 PM

To avoid further unintended mechanics at the highest levels of competitive play, we are implementing measures to help maintain the game’s competitive integrity as we continue to evolve Rainbow Six Siege esports.


We are therefore introducing an Evaluation Period i.e. a period within which the operators of any new season are unavailable to pick in competitive play. With this measure, we hope to serve a double purpose:

  • The additional visibility and preparation time will enable Pros to refine their strategies and skills to best incorporate the unique abilities of the new Operators into their play styles
  • The extra time to test & learn meta changes before it hits the top level will serve as a safety net



This same rule already applies to our selection of maps in the competitive pool, and now that we’re extending a similar program to our Operators, this will ultimately allow a better competitive play and viewing experience as we take the time to gather the appropriate data to fine-tune content releases.


By default this period will be 3 months, and our design team will assess each operator individually and consolidate their results with feedback from the pro community to determine if extending the Evaluation Period is appropriate.


This Evaluation Period will only apply to Rainbow Six esports programs (Pro League, Challenger League, Six Invitational, Majors, Minors, Go4, and other Ubisoft supported competitions) for 3 months minimum. These same new operators will remain 100% available to the vast majority of those who enjoy Rainbow Six Siege in Casual and Ranked playlists. It is our hope that by these measures, we can ensure the most stable and rewarding experience for our players and our viewership while we continuously improve the game experience for our communities.



Note sulla patch A3S4.1

La patch A3S4.1 sarà rilasciata il 17 dicembre per PC e il 18 dicembre per console. La patch A3S4.1 è piuttosto leggera, ma risolve alcuni dei principali bug ed exploit rilevati dopo l'uscita di Wind Bastion. Per console, questa patch include la correzione del glitch visivo relativo a Pacchetto Alfa e Fama.

17/12/201812:00 PM

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[2018-12-07]12 days of R6mas Header

Calendario dell'avvento #R6mas

È arrivata la stagione dei doni, quindi a dicembre festeggeremo con 12 giorni di regali in un Calendario dell'avvento di R6 all'insegna di strenne e potenziamenti!

10/12/201805:00 PM

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