[2018-01-30] Chimera Kickoff - New Header

Year 3 Season 1 Kickoff and Sneak Peek - Operation Chimera and Outbreak Event

30/01/2018 12:00 PM

Operation Chimera 

Welcome to Year 3 of Rainbow Six Siege. Your continued support allows us to create new content and we’re thrilled to reveal what’s under the command tent. Push the flap aside and come on in. We’re starting the year with Operation Chimera and a new specialized CTU in the lineup.


Biological and chemical attacks are growing threats to Operators. Six created the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Threat Unit. CBRN is its own distinct CTU. The following two experts know what they’re doing and they’ll never turn their backs on a hotzone. These two new operators are joining the multiplayer roster and will also be playable in the limited time Outbreak event, along with other legacy operators.


One operator hails from France and uses a drone to maintain quarantine perimeters. Their service record is astounding, but their list of regrets seems endless.


The other operator moved to Russia to pursue their studies and they uncovered a range of applications for self-dissolving nanobots. All allies can benefit from the research carried out by this CBRN Specialist.


Within Operation Chimera is our limited-time event: 


Suit up and check your gear because Rainbow Six is tackling an epidemic consuming the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Choose your best team of three to neutralize the threat. If you don’t choose your Operator in time on the Operator Selection screen, your man Recruit will still have your back. As always, he’s ready to serve.


This limited time co-op event is free for everyone who has a copy of Rainbow Six Siege. To learn more about Outbreak, check-in regularly on the Rainbow Six website. This event also offers exclusive headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms to customize Rainbow Six Operators. For more information about the Outbreak Collection, please consult this blog post. But who’s the enemy in Outbreak? What’s new with the gameplay? What does our Lord Tachanka think of all this?


You’ll have to check our website often for more updates. To get all the intel your heart desires, tune in for the Six Invitational taking place in Montreal from February 13th to 18th, broadcasted on the official Twitch channel.


[2018-08-14] Designer's Note: Pre Season Header

Note del progettista: anticipazioni della stagione

Abbiamo apportato delle modifiche che impatteranno le dinamiche di gioco, ma questa patch non altererà di molto il bilanciamento. Le modifiche saranno introdotte con la patch dell'anno 3 stagione 3 e saranno disponibili in anteprima sul relativo server di test.

14/08/201812:00 PM

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[2018-08-10] New Weapon Sights Header

Modifiche alla correzione del disallineamento dei mirini

Il nostro sistema di rinculo presenta un difetto relativo alle armi automatiche per cui i proiettili vengono sparati in una direzione diversa da quella indicata dal mirino. La patch dell'anno 3 stagione 3 conterrà una soluzione al problema.

10/08/201805:00 PM

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[2018-08-10] Twitch Drops Paris Major Header

Il programma Twitch Drops torna con sei ciondoli per il Six Major

Collegate i vostri account Ubisoft e Twitch per ottenere esclusivi ciondoli nel gioco semplicemente assistendo al Six Major su Twitch. Seguilo su twitch.tv/rainbow6it dal 17 al 19 agosto.

10/08/201812:00 PM

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